"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." ~ Henry Ford

Susan Goodknight, Your Upline National Sales Director

Contact Susan:
Susan Goodknight
National Sales Director
Home Office ~ (719) 495-9286
Email: SGoodknight9@ameriplan.net

Susan's Story: Susan Goodknight, a married mother of 3 children ages 9, 7 & 4 knew there had to be a better way of life and so began her search for a home based business.  Susan had always dreamed of being a stay at home mom but knew that dream may not come true as they needed 2 incomes like many families need.

Susan worked as a pharmacy technician for nearly 15 years before coming home to be with her family.  Knowing there had to be a better way she began a long search on the internet for the right home based business and found AmeriPlan® in March 2005 just 2 weeks after the birth of her 3rd child.

Beginning her business with 2 young boys Blake and Hunter and infant daughter Trinity was a struggle at first as she was learning a new schedule and learning to run a business as she had never worked from home before.  Susan told herself that she would give her new business a 6 month test drive to see where it would take her.  She wanted to earn an additional $500.00 a month to pay for groceries.  In just 3 ½ months she achieved Regional Sales Director (RSD) and then realized this could work. She worked very part-time her first 11 months.

In just over 3 years in AmeriPlan® Susan had not only achieved her initial goal of $500.00 extra month but surpassed that and became part of the 50k Presidents Club and was invited to attend “Leaders of Tomorrow 2007” an elite all expense paid trip to our corporate office in Dallas, TX to be trained by the National Vice Presidents of AmeriPlan®.  This is an honor as only 40 individuals are invited each year.  Aside from Leaders of Tomorrow Susan was also chosen as the Rising Star of the Western Division 2008.

Now, a National Sales Director Susan understands this business has not only brought her family freedom financially but it has also given her the freedom to be there when her family needs her the most.  She is happy knowing that her children are learning they can build their own dreams and not the dreams of others.  She said:  “It is my dream to help others find the same freedom I have.  I am home with my children and husband and I want to help other moms and dads come home too.  Right now I’m working with Justin training him in the business as I plan to retire him at the end of 2009 to early 2010.”

Susan offers her team additional training and support, one on one mentoring, a team recognition site and is dedicated to team success.  It is Susan’s goal to help others that are in similar circumstances so they can turn their current situation around and build their dreams.  “I had never imagined that I could replace my full time income working as a pharmacy technician in just over 2 ½ years working from home.  This has truly been a blessing for our family.”

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