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Top Producers Trip 2009 ~ Playa Del Carmen

You can find ALL the Pictures from our Amazing Experience HERE.

What an Amazing Experience! The TOP 50 Producer's in Ameriplan® this last year got to go to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with a guest of their choice! I was blessed to be a part of this TOP 50!!! Ameriplan® provided this trip for us for the hard work we had put into our Home Based Business! We provide Trips just like these to the Top Producer's of the company every 6 months to a year! It always makes it even more worth it to build our business and change our life on top of the Residual Income and Financial Freedom! We saw so many great things, spent time with our Freedom at Home Team Leaders that were a part of the trip and had an once in a lifetime experience!! The Owner's of Ameriplan®... Dennis and Daniel Bloom attended this trip and shared this with us, which was Awesome!!!!

There were so many things to see from the Tulum Ruins to Snorkling! We had such a great time and we got

to stay at a 5 Star Resort, all expenses paid, Playacar Palace! Everything was included our Food, Drinks, Airfare, Hotel Stay, Transportation and more! We had amazing dinners, wonderful food, got treated like royalty and all around was one of the best time's of our lives!!! I couldn't believe the beauty of this place... and the smiles of all those who took care of you in the Resort! It was truly something to be sooo thankful for!
The Reason I love Ameriplan® and the Freedom at Home Team is mainly because we get to create Freedom at Home, but we also get recognized and rewarded for all of our hard work. How many "Jobs" outside the home can you say do that for you? That allow you to work when you want, how you want and still be there for your family everytime they need you? When I worked outside the home I would have never had the opportunity from any of the companies I worked for to experience any of this! It is a true blessing to create financial freedom and be able to experience so many things that you could not if you were working 40 years hard for 40+ hours a week for someone else!

The beaches were beautiful, the water was warm like bath water and the views were breathtaking! One of the Best Time's of my Life!!! Choosing your Life is Living!!! Letting other's Choose your Life is merely "Surviving". Don't let someone else tell you when, how and why you can change your life, that is up to you and you do have the CHOICE to change it to what you want it to be, I would love to see you on the next Ameriplan® trip!!!!

You can find ALL the Pictures from our Amazing Experience HERE.

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