"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." ~ Henry Ford

Our Newest RSD ~ Congrats Becky Lombardi!!!

I am so excited about my new venture with Ameriplan. After years of searching for a Home-Based Business, I finally found something that I can be passionate about! I found Ameriplan about 4 years ago while looking for extra income, but decided at that time to sell a cosmetic line which had a low start-up fee but once you signed up, then came the real investment! Several thousand dollars later and without any profit, was when I took a real hard look at Ameriplan. I did research on Ameriplan and was impressed with the compensation plan and was amazed at some of the testimonies.

My advice to new IBO's would be to get Excited and Passionate about sharing Ameriplan!!! Believe me, your excitement will be contagious. Keep it Simple and have Fun! All of my business so far has been from referrals and word of mouth. Remember, it's a snowball effect and we only have to build it once. Find your niche, run with it and don't look back!!

Thanks to Jennifer May, my sponsor, Susan Goodknight, my upline NSD and Winnie Woody, my Boot Camp Leader (for the past 2 weeks now) for guiding and encouraging me. You Ladies are awesome, Freedom at Home Team Rocks!!!

I also want to thank my husband, Rich, who has been very supportive through my late nights and early, early mornings. I'm building a Future for my Family to have a Better Lifestyle! This is an opportunity of a Lifetime!!!

Becky Lombardi
Read About Becky Here

WOW!!!!!!!! Is all I can say!!! Becky you are Amazing and completely blew me away!!! Girl, you have that fire, that energy and most of all that passion to make your dreams come true with Ameriplan� and the Freedom at Home Team! You have been UNSTOPPABLE since starting and proven that no matter what you can and will achieve your goals if you want them bad enough! I cannot believe RSD in ONLY 33 days!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I am blessed and honored to be your Mentor and KNOW that you will reach your goal of NSD by the end of the year! I believe in you and am inspired by you! You ROCK!!!!! SRSD here you come!!!

Lots of HUGS!
Jennifer May
National Sales Director

Becky!  I am so happy for you and I am honestly amazed with your accomplishments!  You came into our Flex Program knowing what success you could have in AmeriPlan�.  You spent your first 2 weeks diving into training and learning what you can and now look at you!!!!  Seriously...  Just 2.5 weeks of really working this with talking to everyone and you are now RSD! 

You have such great passion for what we offer and that is coming through when you speak with people.  They flock to you with your high energy and excitement!  :)  Who wouldn't?! 

I'm so happy to know you and blessed to have you on this team.  I'm excited to watch your growth in this business as I know you'll accomplish all you want!

Your VERY PROUD upline NSD!
Susan Goodknight ☺

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