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Our Newest RSD ~ Congrats Rozlyn Pearcy!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe it!!!  It took me a little longer than my goal to get to RSD, just by two weeks, but that doesn't matter because I did it anyway!!!!  Woohooooooooooooo!

My work at home journey has been a long one, but not too expensive, just a lot of wasted time.  After working at home in an industry with something that people considered an "extra"  and me losing my commissions to an awful economy I was determined to find a business that had a service that was a �need� to most people.  I found a company like that, but it wasn't with AmeriPlan, yet another wasted few months.
I knew AmeriPlan was different when I saw it.  I was actually working that other business when I found AmeriPlan on a social networking site while trying to promote THAT business.  I kept seeing those AmeriPlan ads, reading what it was all about.  Secretly I was wishing that I had found AmeriPlan first, but determined to make what I started work I kept working at it diligently, trying to make it work.  And In 3 months I had achieved NOTHING.  Normally I would have given it much more time, but AmeriPlan kept looming over my head, just making so much sense to me every time I saw one of those ads. 
So I decided to give AmeriPlan a go.  It made sense to me not only because they had a service that people really needed, but also because I'm a Registered Dental Hygienist.  I can't tell you how many people I would see coming into my operatory that would not get 4 cleanings a year because their insurance only covered 2; or who would get an extraction of their tooth because they had no insurance and that was cheaper than a root canal and crown.  Now I can give people an option that REALLY works!
I have to thank my enroller Olga Walker.  Since I knew a few AmeriPlaners on that networking site I emailed them all and figured whoever responded first would be my enroller.  She responded first and has really been the perfect match for me!  Lots of good ideas and despite having some ups and downs these past few months she�s been there for me , she's been through so much since I started.  Hurricane Ike the week I started; then she had to move due to her hubby needing to find a new job, Which brings me to thanking Jennifer May.  She was there for me ANYTIME I needed it!  YOU ARE AWESOME GIRL!!!!  While I didn't really get discouraged that my RSD goal came and went, I was more impatient that it hadn't happened yet LOL!!  She was always there to encourage me, give me some goals, challenge me and motivate me.  She is an awesome leader and anyone on her team is LUCKY!!!
Also a much due thanks to my daughter and hubby for putting up with me while I stumbled around with a few work at home opportunities.  Your patience and love is what helps me to keep going!!!  And to the IBO's that enrolled with me, thanks for believing in me!  I know a lot of you are going through some personal circumstances now, but keep working AmeriPlan to the extent that you can and you'll see the rewards of it soon enough ;)!!!  I�ll be here for you through it all!!!
I also want to thank Dennis and Daniel Bloom for creating a wonderful company where we all can achieve success.  Their vision has made it possible for all of us!!  Also Janie and Michael Jones awesome leaders of this team!  Those inspirational stories, calls, newsletters, emails are always there for us to help carry us through any sort of walls that we may hit.
Finally and most importantly, I want to thank Jehovah God for all the blessings he has given me, especially with AmeriPlan.  While working hard to make this business work, I never want to put anything else before Him.  In trying my best to seek him first, it has resulted in many blessings which I'm so thankful for!!
For anyone else out there trying to make towards RSD, you can do it! And PLEASE don't quit before the blessing!!!  There were a few times in my 2  months that I've been doing this where I could have quit because things weren't quite working out as quickly as I wanted them to, but I figured, if I was at a job would I love it any more than AmeriPlan.   Would I love working with those people any more than the awesome people I've met here?  Will it pay off in the end like working AmeriPlan diligently will?  Probably not.  So even though I'm not making as much as I would be working outside of the home now, I will be soon enough and then some, all the while doing so at home with my daughter by my side.  WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  SRSD here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rozlyn Pearcy, RDH, Regional Sales Director
Read about Rozlyn Pearcy here

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