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MAY MADNESS Announcement!!!

Team, this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The company always puts out great things for us to better help us build our business and help THOUSANDS of others to get started in their business!

We encourage you to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this opportunity NOW because this is just $9.95 to START a Successful Home Business! Many of you are working on your promotions and now is the time to set your goals for the Month of May! Now is the time to double your time working the business to ensure you take full advantage. Building your business HUGE during a promotion can bring you to 25k or more a year. Working your hardest during a promotion will bring new leaders to your team and that's what we are here for. We are here to build future leaders of AmeriPlan and help them find Financial Freedom!

May Madness

  • Start Filling your PIPELINE and see how many families you can help this month.
  • You can sign up any new PLATINUM IBO in May 2010 for only $9.95
  • The new PLATINUM IBO will pay the normal $50 /mo starting their 2nd draft
  • You will be paid a 3 month NON-chargebackable advance
1st month, 30% of $9.95 = $2.99 times 3 months = $8.97 advance
2nd month, 30% of $50 = $15. You are paid $15 - $8.97 = $6.03 check
3rd month, 30% of $50 = $15. You are paid $15 (and all following months)

Go go go .. sign up as many as you can!!! May is almost here & will soon be over..
Platinum IBO's were previously called Basic IBO's!

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